Message 28 - A Gift from Heaven

My sons and daughters, these messages are unique. There are no two divine expressions of the same tenor, but of the same holy love. Everything that exists in my Immaculate Heart has its source in the truth. I want to create with you a new movement of consciousness, within the great universal movement of Christ. In this new creation everyone is called to worship God in spirit and truth.

To return to love is to return to the Father's house, to the source of the eternal life from which the being comes. There is the pollution of the mind that affects matter in ways that you cannot understand and that causes the contamination of the earth and of so many lives lived. The toxicity comes from a lack of love, one way or another. The life that God creates at every moment does not carry within it anything that can be contaminated.

It is not the will of the Father that there is what is alien to love. Still, you are free to accept love or deny it. When you accept it, you move the power of the Holy Spirit and allow the effects of beautiful love to spread. When you deny it, you interrupt the flow of life in consciousness and a part of the soul stops receiving the vital force it needs to remain in fullness. That is what creates what is contrary to love.

Allow your hearts to live full of God's love. Get rid of your own interpretations of life, of yourself, of creation and its source. Empty yourselves so that the wisdom of heaven may fill you. The truth cannot be achieved through human effort. It is given to you through the Grace of revelation.

These dialogues between the Mother of your hearts and you, my children, constitute a chain of light that creates the movement of beautiful love in particular and universal consciousness. Never stay the same when you come to me. Our relationship of holy love transforms you without your noticing it is taking place. However, you will notice it because you will see the effects of Grace on you and the entire world. Receive my messages as what they are, a gift given to souls for love.

The sky has opened like never before. And from Him falls a shower of blessings and forces of holiness that are flooding the earth and the entire physical universe. Open your hands to receive. Prepare your hearts to be widened by love. Become more and more one with the truth. You can grow at every moment in unity with Christ.

Accept jubilantly the power of your souls and with it the strength of prayer. Every time you join God, through prayers born from your hearts, universal consciousness is affected by you. And the various creations of the Father—in union with Himself—are set in motion to create the reality that the praying heart asks for.

Change human reality through prayer. Transform material creation through your prayers of love. Make silence your faithful friend so that you can spend time being alone with love. In your regular encounters with Christ pour out upon Him all that you carry in your hearts. Leave them empty of everything. Thus you will come out of prayer renewed in the Spirit.

Do not worry if you feel something or not in the loving contemplation to which I invite you every moment. The grace of prayer does not come from what is felt or understood, but from the degree of union achieved. It is the Spirit that leads you to silence so that there you can worship the Father in spirit and truth. Let it be Christ who blows upon your souls so that they may be led sweetly along the eternal path of perfect love. He knows how to do it.

You who accept my word and carry it in the silence of your hearts are called to join the Mother in this movement of beautiful love. Many minds will be enlightened and wake up from the dream of oblivion through this movement. Your beauty will grow day by day because of our divine relationship. Your holiness will shine more and more until it cannot be denied. Your joy will be great, and with it you will attract many brothers and sisters to Christ, because it will proceed from union with God.

Share my revelations with others. Invite others to remain in the union of the three hearts, to find in my Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus the safe haven that every mind seeks and the peace that every heart needs to be happy.

Do not get lost in thought about various beliefs or unanswered questions. You are tiny souls. My little ones, sprouts of pure love, you are like cheerful daisies that embellish the garden of the husband of holy souls. You are the children of María. You are the hope of the world. You are light to the nations. You are my tiny children who have come into the world to teach with your loving presence the true humility of the heart and thus awaken many to eternal life.

Always remain humble in my love. Be humble in truth and simple at heart. See that heaven is a kingdom of the innocent. I invite you to live your lives as newborn children in the arms of the Mother. That way you can let yourself love more each day and your lives will be happier.

Children from all over the world, if you knew the love of this Mother you would not only cry with happiness, but your hearts would jump with joy and begin to dance to the rhythm of eternal life.

I am the owner of the hearts, next to my divine son Jesus. Who joins me joins the truth. Whoever remains in me lives together with God.

Children of my heart, realize how much the Father loves you who gives you the grace of these revelations. I am showing you in greater depth the love that has no beginning or end. I am immersing you in the deepest waters of divine knowledge.

Bring me your brothers and sisters. Come with everyone to be part of the beautiful love movement. Go around the world sowing peace.

I bless you in the light of Christ.

I thank you for answering my call and carrying my words in the silence of the heart.

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