Chapter 31 - Reunion with the Truth

My sons and daughters, it is of great importance that you understand that each one of you is unique and unrepeatable. In your uniqueness lies the beauty of your being. Do not hide in groups or communities that blur what you really are. Be constantly encouraged to live in the freedom of the heart. God creates free spirits. Let yourself be carried away by the force of inspiration. In your deep intuitions lies the truth about your being. What serves some does not necessarily serve others. That is because each soul is unique.

The spiritual growth process of each of my children is diverse. Therefore it is not possible to establish universal beliefs that fit the truth of love. It is not necessary either. Each soul carries within it the wisdom of God. Meeting God is what religion really is about.

In this movement of beautiful love to which I summon you, no proselytes are sought. That was never the intention of my messages. The search for adherents to a belief or doctrine does not have its origin in the truth. Extending the revelation that the soul receives should not be done for the purpose of convincing others, or of reaching a certain number of followers. None of that is part of the purpose of the Universe. However, being carried away by the force of the spirit that seeks to spread and share what it loves with a love that is not of the world is essential to the spiritual life. Discerning clearly between the two is what I have come to talk to you about.

Much pain has been inflicted throughout history by imposing beliefs or persecuting those who think, feel and believe differently. None of that should be part of what you do who have chosen love. I cannot stop insisting on this point, because I do not wish you to take love to the world without first reflecting what is shared here.

When you receive a gift from heaven—and wisdom is one of them—you do not receive it because of your merit. It is given to you as a gift of love. The truth cannot be achieved through intellectual effort. It only comes by the free grace of revelation. The only thing you can do about it is to get ready to receive, but even that is only possible by grace.

The souls that have been reunited with Christ are captivated by the love of God. That makes a force move in their hearts that impel them to share with others the wonders they saw and heard without image or word. Sharing is the essence of love. It is the reason that everything created exists. The reality of being is giving. The spirit encourages the souls that have opened themselves to the truth, and calls them to come out of themselves and enter the immensities of creation, and to share the knowledge received. It is always the Spirit who calls and drives. The Spirit goes ahead. When the inspired soul reaches a new height, Spirit has already passed through first and left everything ready.

To make known to others the revelation that is given to you is the essence of the beautiful love movement. Without that driving force, this movement would simply be a song of joy, full of beauty, but without the strength of the spirit. I send you to all corners of the world to extend what you have known in your reunion with the truth. It is in your intimacy with Christ where you know. It is in it where the spirit guides you and where the winds of divine love blow. Let yourself be carried away by love.

I am inviting you to continue the journey of the heart together. This is a holy journey whose seal is the authenticity that comes from uniqueness. Do not move so that others follow you, but move to calm the longing to extend the holiness that you really are. I long for this that burns hearts.

I call you out of your realities as they have been conceived so far and to enter the unfathomable abysses of infinite knowledge. God has no limits. He will lead you to cross the boundaries of thought. He will show you wonders that can never even be imagined.

Love seeks to give the best to those who love. What could be better for a soul full of wisdom than to make known the purity of love? Go forward moved by love. Be humble of heart and prudent. If you keep both virtues high, you cannot lose yourself or fall into confusion. The spiritual path is full of challenges, just as all paths of life are. If you remain in me and often remember that the work is of God and that you are his loving instruments you have nothing to fear. He who created everything that exists will not let even one of His devotees get lost. He takes care of His flock and sustains life.

Let yourself be carried away by the force of the spirit and do everything with love in Christ. Enjoy the joy of sharing.

Thank you for listening to my voice and following it.

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