• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 4 - A Peace That Has No Opposite

To what other son or daughter could this work of love be directed but to you, whom I love with infinite love?

I know very well what you have lived. Every beat of your heart causes an echo in mine. We are the concord of love. We are one.

In our unity lies the sure escape from all that is not God's will for you and for anyone. Love only provides love, harmony, and fulfillment.

I am inviting you to remain united to this Mother in a special way. There is no work like this, since these words are a gateway to a single expression of my motherly love. By the will of the Father and my love, in union with what is true, I open my heart so that from it you can absorb life.

Dear children of mine, in this work I want to calm your frightened hearts because of so many negative messages about the end times. There are many things that scare you. But here is the Mother of a hope that does not disappoint. I have come to tell you the truth. I have come to serve.

The world will not perish. Humankind will not succumb to the onslaught of separation. The triumph of love is sure. The reprimands that have been shared were necessary and still today remain so for many. Do not interpret my admonitions as an act of heartbreak, but quite the opposite.

I know very well how strong you are, how powerful is your will, and how free you are. I know you can change and that you can create universes of love and goodness. I know you can live together with the flame of the love of my Immaculate Heart forever. I've known you forever. I am your Mother and I know well what you are. That is why I speak to you in these terms.

The world is receiving blessings and thanks as never before. A flood of love falls on you. You will see great signs that you may not understand. Do not fear them. Nothing will happen to those who have chosen love and truth as their life partners. You just need enough awareness to want to live in the good with all your heart. The reality of the spirit takes care of the rest. That is the space of freedom.

The triumph of my Immaculate Heart is here. Few are those who understand what this means. That is not due to an error, but to the magnitude of its meaning. Everywhere you will observe the emergence of new expressions of unity.. They arise as the fruit of the atonement. They are here.

I assure you that you will be saved. There are very few who will not opt for the Kingdom. Do not worry about this truth. It is certainly painful to accept that some will not accept love as their eternal reality. But still, that is the will of those souls and it must be respected. They are forever loved. This is part of the mystery of evil. Don't be scared about it. Welcome my messages of love and truth with holy disposition.

I have not come to tell you about the scourges of the world. You know them quite well. Every step you take you are told about them. I have come to tell you how much I love you and to thank you for having responded to the call of love. I have come to confirm you in the truth and to convey a direct message from Heaven, a message from the Father of lights to you that you receive these words. God embraces you in unity. Love has restored you. The truth has made you free. You are the renewal of true charity.

Live happily every day of your lives. Understand that you are fulfilling a heavenly function here on earth. We need you. This Mother needs you as much as she herself is necessary. Without your human lives, I cannot pour blessings to others. Without your prayers I can do nothing to serve my beloved humanity. Your union with Christ is the portal of salvation.

You can imagine how many blessings your brothers and sisters receive for your intermission in unity with my Immaculate Heart. I am the burning flame of love. I am the passion of God made into motherhood. I am the vibrant force of life. I am what makes everything that is alive.

The world is walking towards the truth. The universe is extending towards the infinite. It is the perpetual expansion of love. It grows. The cosmos widens. And it expands within the body of God from where it arises.

Stay forever in the joy of my heart. You are important to God. He himself became dependent on you for pure love. Your Father does nothing without you and never will. No one can take your freedom. or your holiness. You are the children of the Lamb, God's beloved. You belong to Him and you are returning.

Walk serene in life trusting my assistance. I will never abandon you. You are my children, how could I? There is nothing that you can ask of the Father in union with my Immaculate Heart that is not granted to you. Put your fears in Christ—your joys, your deepest dreams, your lives. I assure you that together we will make miraculous transformations.

You are not alone. You never were. And you never will be. The Mother goes ahead of you. On your left and right goes Maria. Behind you is my Spirit of love. I surround you everywhere.

I invite you to sing a new song—the song of Mary—a hymn of joy and gratitude. I invite you to fill the earth with your loving feelings, with your holy thoughts, with the truth of your being.

Show the world the face of love. Tell all that this Mother is waiting for everyone, that the floodgates of my heart have opened wide,as never before. I am Maria. I am the sweetness of love. I am your reality. I am the voice of your holy hearts. I am the peace that has no opposite and dwells in your being.

Rejoice in love.

Thank you my children for answering my call.

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