Message 62 - Choir of Mary Divine Mother

My beloved children, patience is a virtue much appreciated by the Creator. It has been given to you as a gift from heaven so that you can wait for the wonders that God created for each one of you. Love unfolds every moment. The flow of life moves from the heart of the Father and the Divine Mother to the reality of what you are. The movement of love never ceases. All that your minds can imagine is nothing compared to the gifts that are waiting for you from heaven that you can receive right now with your hands wide open and a grateful heart.

Learn to live without fear, you who have chosen only love. Little by little you will get used to the presence of Christ in your lives. Do not be discouraged if you believe that the world does not move towards the light of eternal love. The human mind cannot see the whole. Its limited way of understanding can lead the soul to confusion if it is not united with true faith.

I am revealing a great truth to you. Faith is the treasure that God has given to man so that through it he supplants what the mind lost when it passed from knowledge to perception. It is a perfect medium for completion. Once true knowledge is reintegrated into your holy minds faith will vanish, returning to the formless reality of God where it comes from. For the purposes of this work consider faith and trust as a unit. The first lives in the mind through beliefs and the second in the heart through the intuition of truth. Certainty exists in your soul since before the beginning of time.

Immerse yourself more and more in my love as your Divine Mother. Stay in the embrace of Christ. It is within Him that you will find refuge for these times of such turmoil in the world. If you anchor yourself to me, nothing will make you succumb. I am the firm rock on which the house of truth is built. Neither the winds of passion, nor the outbursts of human impulses, nor the foolishness of the fear thinking system can move you away if you cling to the divine love that lives in you in the unity of Christ.

Never turn away from the Mother. These messages are a means for you to join Heaven more. Let these messages become yours, because they are. I can speak to you through these words because I am the Mother of the Word of God. I am the creator of life because I am one with the Source of being, just as each one of you is. In our union lies a power that surpasses every human measure. Together, we can not only enlighten the world, but we can create universes. We can attract the miracles of beautiful love over earthly life.

I invite you to live patiently and to put aside the anxieties that come from fear. The hustle and bustle of the world often overwhelms you into muddy lands. And when that happens you get confused within yourself. You lose harmony and with it the joy that comes from peace. For this reason occasionally I move you away from the world so that you can return to the consciousness of love that you really are.

My children, there is no single goal in the world that makes sense. Leave them all at once. Follow only the paths that love traces for you. May today be the day when you turn your back on the world and look face to face with the truth! This does not require despising the thought system that gave rise to a meaningless world. Doing so would signal that you believe that this world has had an impact on you and has hurt you in some way. However, those who live in the truth know that this is not true. The world is so helpless to your being, as is a tiny snowflake to the sun.

The anxieties that you now experience come from a lack of understanding. However, they will not last long in your hearts. The cravings are born of ignorance. They feed on it and grow in it. Love is never in a hurry. Love cannot go anywhere because the only thing that exists is its infinite eternal reality. I invite you to live without fear, to sing a new song. Make your song a hymn of joy and gratitude. Whoever lives in me should not fear anything, not even fear. In my Immaculate Heart there is a safe refuge for every soul. There is a mansion prepared for each of my children just waiting to be inhabited.

My little children, I send you these messages for love. They come to you because of divine design. Nothing happens without purpose in the kingdom of God. These words are given to you by the One Heart, the only source of wisdom and truth. Receive them and cradle them in your hearts. Welcome them as if they were water droplets that descend from the sky full of innocence and love, full of tenderness and sincere desire to join you in holiness. They are words of the Mother of Heaven. They are a song of hope for humanity. Do not believe that they are separate from you. They are the living expression of an incessant dialogue that exists between the Mother and her child, between the soul and its Creator.

When you receive my messages, a shower of thanks spills over your being. Everything that is part of you is embedded by this movement of Grace aroused as an effect of spending time alone with me. Every moment that you join my Immaculate Heart through these messages, you are joining more to the love of God. You are bringing Heaven to Earth. This is because in your union with love lies all power and all glory.

Be patient with the works of the spirit. In God's plan for each of his children on earth there is a time for everything and a place for each expression. Everything unfolds in harmony. There is no need to accelerate or stop. It is only necessary to get carried away by the wind of His breath of living love. He will know how to drive the destinies of His work. I tell you in love and truth that God is calling you to join the movement of the beautiful love that he has created for those who want to live like the living Christs that they really are.

God has restored in you what needed to be restored. He has healed the wounds of your heart. You have gathered what was scattered in your mind. Now he calls you to join Him to continue spreading creation eternally. You are called to be part of this movement, to remain in divine Grace. In His design He conceived this work so that everyone who receives these words with love will join the second advent in the holy expression of the truth of his being. By this means, together we will gather the voices that will make a choir of love and holiness for the second coming of Christ. Our choir will grow more and more in number, melodies and tones, by virtue of the new voices that will be added. It will be a song of hope, a hymn to joy, a note from heaven.

Beloved creators of this blessed choir of the second advent. Do not deny the world the beauty of your voices. Answer this call right now, not with eagerness but with joy. I wait for you with open arms. In my Immaculate Heart there is a place for each of my children. Don’t deprive us of the beauty of divine love. Come to heaven. United we are the light of the world.

Blessed are the souls that praise God.

Thanks for listening to my voice.

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