Message 71 - Love that Illuminates

My little children, sharing the truth that is always true is the delight of the hearts that live in the holiness of being. In Heaven, souls rejoice in a union that leads the being to grow in the knowledge of truth and love. Your minds are the temples where truth longs to be worshiped and your hearts are the tabernacle where love can be loved in perfect charity.

I invite you to raise your reality more and more. God is the infinite vastness of eternal perfection. You can always rise higher. You can always do more like the Creator in Him. There are no limits to the elevation of form and content. Your souls are like stars whose light comes from the greater light and whose source never ceases.

You who receive these words, rejoice with all your heart. You are the favorite children of Mary's love. You are those who have said yes to the sanctity of being. The truth shines in you and through your sweet hearts. Day after day you are becoming more and more similar in the light of Christ.

For those of you who feel suspicious about these words when I speak about my predilection, I tell you that God has His favorites. They are those who throw themselves without measure and without measuring the consequences into the arms of beautiful love. This preference does not exclude anyone, nor does it make those who do not choose love cease to be infinitely loved by the Father of all holiness.

My predilection is not like that of the world, since neither is my love. I love you with perfect love. Love that saves. Love that releases. Love that is always true. Love that makes you live as you were created to be. Once again I remind you that there is only one love and that is God.

Many times you think of love as something abstract, devoid of identity, as if it was simply an idea or a feeling. But my beloved sons and daughters, love is a person. Love is being. It is the identity of pure holiness. It has a will, a mind, and a heart. And it also possesses the inherent quality of creating in its likeness, extending itself forever. It is a person from whom every person comes. It is the “I am” of existence. From this each one of you arose. That is where your being receives the vital force that sustains it in existence.

I have come to speak to you about the divine person who creates all true identity. I do it so that you get used to thinking of love as the person you are. That will help you to understand the relationship you can have with the being of pure love that you really are. Love is watching you. Love is standing next to every living being with open arms, hoping to be able to hug its well-loved creatures. Love contemplates you in the only possible way, that is, with love. Love’s voice is anxious to be heard by your spiritual ears in the whisper of perfect harmony, and with an affable smile wants to give you the joy of peace and security that only the certainty of God's wisdom can give you.

Little children of Mary, love loves everyone equally, but not everyone can feel equally at ease. You cannot join what is not similar. Nor can it create through your souls if you do not allow it. If that could happen freedom would be annulled. And creation would be extinguished in less time than it takes to blink an eye.

Be docile with love. Let yourself be embedded in a relationship that is beyond every human word. Talk to love. It is waiting for you with inflamed cravings. Vibrate in the joy of being. Sing with love. Dance with me, the Mother of beautiful love. Come now and live your Heaven on earth. Remain in the sweetness of my Immaculate Heart. Do not worry about trying to understand what is meaningless or necessary. Look at things as Mary looks at them. It's all about love or the lack of love. Everything converges in love. If you use this criterion of discernment, you cannot fail.

The undisciplined mind goes out to roam the mute mentally charged with a curiosity that finally tires, confuses, and saddens. If that happens to you, return to unity where the truth shines in perfect simplicity. There the reindeer of the heavens stands where there is only one thought—love.

Let nothing disturb your hearts. We get tired of worries that only seek to excite the passions in a way that disorganizes the soul, and makes you lose sight of the experience of the harmony and serenity of spirit. Live in the light.

As you become more enlightened, your bodies are also affected. They are becoming more transparent, more translucent. Their opacity is calmed down. And through them you can see the light of life. Become transparent in love. Let the perpetual sun of life radiate its beauty in every fiber of your being. Your body can be transmuted by the light of truth to the point of adopting a texture so the colors of your pure soul can be seen as if a thin veil was placed on the most beautiful stars of Heaven.

Be reborn each day in love. Immerse yourself every moment in the unfathomable ocean of truth. Let yourself be flooded by the beauty of eternal life. Listen to the voice of the divine beloved of soul and your life will be fruitful. Your existence on earth will be a song of praise to the truth. You will create a new world based on holiness. You can live like what you are, divinized humanity, the daughters and sons of God reborn from the waters of forgiveness and love.

Never turn away from me. See that time is not eternal. Don't delay coming to me every morning. Leave the affairs of the world to those of the world. Remain in union with Christ from where divine power flows to all creation. From unity you will transform the world much more than you can imagine. You will transform it through the consciousness of Christ in you, the only means to create the new, because it is the only creative source. In other words, love will transform it through your hearts united to the truth.

In unity, your mind rests in the peace of holiness and your hearts beat joyfully to the rhythm of eternal life.

Stay in me, as if you were a child in your mother's arms.

I bless you in the sanctity of being.

Thank you for receiving my messages in your hea and for sharing them with the entire world.

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