Message 8 - In the love of Mary

My sons,

Christ is calling you from every corner of the universe like never before. This mother summons you to holiness. I invite you to raise your eyes to continue growing inside. Once you have reached the top, we must continue moving towards the highest heights of the sky. You have been created to remain in unity with God. This is a gift and a responsibility to yourself, and the whole world.

Your hearts carry within themselves the impetus of holiness, the power of love. Make that force propel you and move you to love more every day. Beautify your reality by giving flowers every day of your life. The flowers of the divine virtues that the creator has placed in your souls. Make the earth a new paradise. Live in the truth.

My dear ones. As the Mother of love, I wish you to support each other with holy tolerance. Everyone has their time. Each his story. You all come from diverse human realities. That makes you sometimes have a very limited view of reality. That limitation is often the basis of your disputes. None of you know what the whole soul of your sisters and brothers is. Nor do you know the details of the path of each spirit. Therefore, try to understand humanity and have with it a feeling of pure holy compassion.