Message 91 - Light of Truth

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Little children,

The more you dive into the truth, the more you become one with the love that God is. This is because truth and love are a unity. And since love is what you are, it is vitally important for your soul to live in the truth. My love wants to lead you to fully understand what the truth is and about what the truth refers to.

You have been told that the truth is Christ and that Christ is your true identity as God created it to be. If you accept both aspects of the same truth, you will very easily realize that the truth that sets you free, and indeed the only reality of the truth, refers to what you are. Walking truly means living as you were created to be. For that, it is necessary to know the truth. Otherwise, the soul would carry within itself an inherent impulse to know itself, which it could not satisfy, which would be meaningless.

The soul rests in peace when it lives in the certainty of what it really is. If it is well understood, this is the most complete definition of what God's peace means. All fear comes from ignorance about who the being is. All love, of the wisdom of being. In the knowledge of the heart lies the life of the spirit. That is why it is so important to know oneself in truth.

You are not what the world intends to teach you that you are. You are not what a cultural system has predefined that you are. Nor are you what you can define for yourself. What you are cannot be put into human words, because all limits are beyond. It cannot be named or symbolized. Nor is it necessary to do so.

There is no doubt that the mind constantly seeks to label things and with the desire to control limits everything in thousands of different ways. Even so, he has never been able to name love without erring in his attempt. He has never been able to name you. The incomprehensibility of your identity is what scares the thinking mind or ego-mind. Not being able to control love is the root of the fear of that aspect of the mind that aims to create its own world, separate from the reality of God. The truth without Christ is something inconceivable because they are the same, just as Heaven and love are.

Only through the divine Word can the revealed truth be known. Only the Spirit of God can be the revealer of the knowledge that is his. In other words, there is no knowledge outside the Creator because there is no truth outside of itself. Just as love is known in its only reality, the truth manifests itself. For this reason, it can only be revealed to minds that embrace the truth. Without the willingness of the will of the being to know itself as God knows it, divine knowledge is sterile for the soul, even if it is true.

In a sense, you are the ones with the last word. Not to determine what is true, or to dictate to life what it should be, but to spend your days living in the truth or not. There is no other possible choice. You are always free. Your choices do not change reality, but your experience does. And since experience is the reality of the one who believes it is his truth, it affects him in his consciousness. It is that affectation that, it is necessary to make it cease to be an experience of alienation from itself, to return to being of perfect knowledge of itself.

How much fear there is in a house where you dwell with an unknown guest! Imagine for a moment living in such a company. You cannot remain in peace. The attention is fixed on the one who does not know what it is and therefore how it will act. This is how you do to yourself when you turn away from the truth. You become strangers to your consciousness. In unknown beings and therefore unloved. Remember that you cannot love what is not known.

I invite you to think about the truth, in the light of Christ. Only in it can you contemplate things through the eyes of love and therefore of divine reality. Do not accept another truth than that of God. You don't understand things about yourself outside the understanding that comes from the wisdom of love. Only in it can you see in the light of holiness. In it you will know the creator's designs for you because what you are and your destiny are one and the same.

I call you once again to love the truth with all your soul, your will, and your heart. In it, you will find the treasures of the kingdom waiting to be discovered, accepted, and shared. Can God have been wrong to create you? Can Christ want the eternal damnation of his love sprouts? Can the absence of love come from love? Can what is not real have a real effect? All these questions point to the same; to know the truth using love as a frame of reference. If you do that you can never get lost. From him, you obtain the wisdom necessary to live in the certainty of truth. Doubt does not exist where love dwells. For that reason, it is that those who know the truth and accept it with all their heart, know nothing but the reality of holiness. They are the children of light. Born of the spirit and not of the flesh. They are the heirs of the Kingdom of life.

Make the truth your only reality because that is what it is. Make your sweetheart your faithful companion. Walk with her. Sing with her. Rejoice in her. Make your thoughts true, just as God's thoughts are.

I give you a holy prayer. If you carry it in your minds and hearts you will be being accompanied by the truth. Because of your desire to do so, Heaven itself will descend where you pronounce these words. The ground you step on will be sanctified. The air you breathe will be blessed, by the radiant light of the truth that emanates from them. The world will be brighter. And you will bring Heaven to Earth.

Pray with faith what is given here with love, happily saying in your hearts:

I am a child of truth. Born of the light. In it I exist, I move and I am. ”

Remain with these words in the silence of your hearts, let them do what they know to do in union with the spirit of love.

Rest in peace.

Thank you for receiving my messages.

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