Children of my heart,

I come to dwell with you in a particular way, clad in the glory of Heaven, and in union with the angels of God and my divine son Jesus. By design of the Father of lights, this work of wisdom and truth is given to you as a sign of His love for you. We love you with the perfect love that comes from the source of life, the only true love, and the origin of all holy love. In my Immaculate Heart you will be able to find what your soul seeks, because it is one with the source of your being and of all true, pure, and perfect being.

Love is calling you like never before. These words are a sign, among many others, that this is true. I invite you to open the eyes of your hearts to contemplate the wonders that God created for each of his children. Beyond all forms there is the true essence of things that cannot be nullified. Your reality does not have to be a reality separate from holiness. What you are does not have to be hidden behind the wall of illusions, of an identity that has no substance. You are the children of God, created in his likeness, in love and holiness.

Do not be carried away by the voices that want to convince you that you are something else. In the highest heights of the heaven of God dwells your true identity. It is in the abode of Christ that your reality dwells. Find your true identity there.