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Children of my heart,

I come to dwell with you in a particular way, clad in the glory of Heaven, and in union with the angels of God and my divine son Jesus. By design of the Father of lights, this work of wisdom and truth is given to you as a sign of His love for you. We love you with the perfect love that comes from the source of life, the only true love, and the origin of all holy love. In my Immaculate Heart you will be able to find what your soul seeks, because it is one with the source of your being and of all true, pure, and perfect being.

Love is calling you like never before. These words are a sign, among many others, that this is true. I invite you to open the eyes of your hearts to contemplate the wonders that God created for each of his children. Beyond all forms there is the true essence of things that cannot be nullified. Your reality does not have to be a reality separate from holiness. What you are does not have to be hidden behind the wall of illusions, of an identity that has no substance. You are the children of God, created in his likeness, in love and holiness.

Do not be carried away by the voices that want to convince you that you are something else. In the highest heights of the heaven of God dwells your true identity. It is in the abode of Christ that your reality dwells. Find your true identity there.

I am the wind that blows souls to take them to the highest heights of sanctity where the light that never goes out dwells. I am the refuge of hearts seeking peace. I am Mary, the Queen of Concord, of harmony. Who calls me receives me. Whoever looks for me finds me. Whoever opens the doors of his or her being to me receives the grace of my embrace. This gift of my unrivaled grace has never before been given to the men and women who inhabit the earth. Not because my daughters and sons did not receive my holy love before, but because you are here at the time of the second advent. You have chosen to live in the world at these moments in the history of humanity—and not in others—by the perfect design of the will of the eternal Father and the will of your being. Each time has grace. At these times it is the abundant grace of Mary Immaculate.

Yes, children of my sweetest heart, these are the times of Mary: times of sweetness and love, times of beauty and holiness, times when the divine joins the earth in the beauty of the truth. Never before has the eternal been as openly linked to the temporal in human consciousness as it is today. Human hearts are opening more and more to their Creator, as if they are beautiful flowers preparing to receive the golden rays of the sun and its life-giving light.

I come to dwell with you so that you receive these words and make them yours. It is Christ who is speaking to you through me, for we are one. It is the love that has come down from Heaven to join with you in this way, with these words, through this divine manifestation, reaching you by mysterious means. Love is a mystery to humankind, as life is a mystery to it.

You must know—my soul—that my Immaculate Heart burns constantly in the flames of the living love that is God. A force greater than any power you can imagine moves within my being. It is the power of God, in whose reality we exist united in the joy of joyous truth. With that very love—and with that only true power—I make myself present in your life here and now by design of the heavenly Father and by your will to join the light.

The plea of your heart has been heard. Your prayers have been accepted by Christ. Here is heaven's answer to your deepest longing, your longing for union and for love, your longing to be who you really are, your longing to live fully and for endless bliss.

You have traveled an arduous and winding road to get here. Many times you have become fatigued. You have experienced the extremes of the human experience so full of nuances and intensities. You have cried out to Heaven to find your being. And you have found it. Now that you are aware of who you really are, the road appears clear and serene. In the peace of our union we will continue together, walking the path that we still have to travel in the world, and then entering—holding hands—into the kingdom of Heaven, where we will dwell for all eternity.

I am with you every day of your life.

What a joy, my sons and daughters, to be able to rest in the certainty that once you have fulfilled your holy purpose in the world we will continue to hold hands forever. And we will continue eternally spreading beautiful love, united in spirit and truth in the beauty of holiness. In our mutual union of divine love we are one with God and with everything that is part of Him. Your face is sculpted in my heart. Your name is written in the palm of my hand. I contemplate you from the realm of no time, from where everything is seen, everything is known, and everything is embraced in love.

I assure you children of my heart, there will never be a work like this. These words are clothed in divine grace that is always unique, always new, always creative. Humanity is living in the time of direct relationship with God in the world. These are new times, times of fulfillment, times of the second coming of my divine Son Jesus. This work is unique because never before had I addressed humanity in such an explicit way—direct and full of tenderness and unity—except for the time when by the grace of God I dwelt among men. In every word of these writings there is the power of divine love. Each time that a soul dedicates itself to receiving them, the power of miracles makes an appearance.

The value of this unique manifestation does not reside in the form but in its essence. Since its source is Christ, all its power and glory go with it. Every moment you spend with me you become more connected to love. And your being shines in all its magnificence. In our divine relationship lies the refuge of your heart, the certainty of who you really are, and the peace that has no opposite.

This work is a gift from heaven that is given to all as the perfect means to consciously remain in union with Christ. And from that union to take you to a greater knowledge of love that has no beginning or end—the perfect love that you really are. Through these words I am inviting you to live, from now and forever, as the love that you really are. That is why I have come, so that together we can bear witness to the truth. The truth that says you are love and nothing but love because God is love and nothing but love.

I bless you in the certainty of your holiness.

Message 1

A Movement of Beautiful Love

My children, I am the heart of Mary. I speak to you from the unity of Christ.

I have come to dwell with you who are looking for love and truth. I have come to tell you that you have already found what you are looking for. The time of seeking is over.

Now is the time to rejoice in the expression of perfect love. This is the same as telling you that the transformation times are over. Now you are living in a new time, the time of unity.

What you will see in your world every day with greater clarity is the manifestation of the consciousness of unity. The systems will adjust to this reality since there will be no space for anything but pure love.

The world will not succumb. It will be integrated into love in a new consciousness and from that integration a new world. What God creates is eternal, as eternal is His love for his creations.

My heart is calling you to express more and more the grace of your holiness, to extend the joy of being alive, the joy of being children of God, the happiness that exists in the depth of your hearts. Sing, dance, and embrace in holiness, feel glad to be as you really are.

Each of you is important. You are like a beautiful link in the chain of Christ’s unity. I invite you to be part of a universal movement, a movement that summons you to serve love, living your lives as the living Christ who lives in you.

As children of God, you are bearers of wisdom.

If you allow silence to show you the truth within your minds and the love in your hearts you will recognize that you know what love is and how to express it.

Paint your reality with bright and soft colors. Create new holy configurations in your ties with the earth, with your brothers and sisters, and with yourself. Do it also for God, to whom we all owe existence.

This work that is given to you is a portal open to the grace of my pious Heart. I want to create between you and this tireless Mother, full of love and kindness for her children, a bond as intimate as it has ever been before on earth. Through this door open to Heaven, a shower of blessings will spill over wounded hearts and heal your lives from so much pain. Evil will be annulled and every error corrected through our union.

I am the Mother of Divine Concord and wholeheartedly desire to fill your lives with blessings and light. I ask you to immerse yourself in the depths of your soul so that you can experience the beauty of our maternal union in the silence of your hearts.

I also ask you to live your lives serving the cause and effect of beautiful love, as God has always wanted for each one of you. In this way you will not only live as the living Christ you are recognizing the inner Christ in your sisters and brothers but you will be able to join mercy, the source of all love and the foundation of every being.

I am opening a new window to Heaven where the light flows from the beauty of my Immaculate Heart towards all my children. I will enlighten the world more and more because of your union with me., your eternal divine Mother, your eternal co-redeemer, your eternal friend of the soul who yearns for God.

This call will lead you to deepen the union with the source of life.

I love you with a love that has no beginning or end.

You are all in the embrace of my harmony and perpetual peace.

This work is a bridge that has been laid between the earth and the sky, an eternal bridge that is a conduit for the flow of truth that springs from the heart of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit flooding the entire universe with more beauty, purity, and holiness.

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