Unstructured Love



The moment you said yes to me, that instant when from the depths of your being you said yes to the truth, in that instant you began a process of deprogramming. We are doing it together. I am deprogramming you. I am dismantling structures. What you feel is the natural fear or inner resistance that is experienced during this blessed undoing. Before that holy instant you lived your life on the basis of countless fixed and rigid structures. Routine jobs working the same hours in the same places, structures of ideals and daily routines, all of which gave you a false sense of security. That was necessary in the way of the old. But now it is no longer necessary or desirable.

Living without fixed structures is difficult until it becomes easy for you. The time will come when you love God’s endless destructuring because love has no structure. Love is freedom, and any structure is contrary to freedom. What you call chaos and disorder in your life is nothing other than destructuring. Every time you cling to a structure I free you from it, otherwise you would not be living your true life. You do not understand me because you are trying to pigeonhole me into a structure and I am unstructured love.

Do not pigeonhole life in a structure as if it could be put inside a box or cell, because that is foolish and requires an exhausting internal effort. Life cannot be trapped, and nor can your being. You are afraid of yourself whenever you try to box your Self within thought structures. You cannot understand yourself because you keep trying to define yourself. You do this because in the past you sought to build structures in order to find security in them. But none gave it to you. Children, when they are small, require a structure for their safety and healthy development. So it is with your soul. In the past you were like a child that could not have developed fully without those old structures. But you are not a child anymore. You are the one dismantling structures. Do not forget that as within so without, never the other way around. The more you join with me, the more destructured you will become, until you are fully living in the infinite amplitude of being.

Observe the world. Do you not see how many structures I have demolished? Many consider that the world has lost its way and succumbed to chaos. This negative view of life in the world is contrary to the truth. What you are seeing is the birth of a new world in which destructuring manifests itself. You can see it in the clear example of social education systems and protocol. No one now considers necessary or desirable the pomp and rigid structures of the past. You can also see it in the world of work. No one now wants the rigid structures that alienate humankind.

You are living in the times of the new and of discovery, in the same way as is manifesting in the world. I love you with a love that saves, and it is therefore a love that liberates, that enables you to live in the freedom of the children of God. For freedom to be freedom, it must be total. That is what all those who are living in Christ consciousness are experiencing: the birth of true freedom.

Do not look for your safety where you will not find it. Do not look for it in routines, rites and rigid structures. Live life in freedom and always remember: you and I are eternal newness.

Rest in peace and trust in me. I know what I am doing. I am the wisdom of the heart. You will never know where your heart is taking you. But you do not need to know, for we are endlessly creating reality. Let yourself be at peace.

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