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Every word you receive here is a drop of divinity poured into you.

All of them fall as if it were a holy rain, penetrating and fertilizing the heart. Then the flowers of divine beauty, in all their diversity, begin to grow.  And the memory of the first love that is God becomes ever clearer. (Choose only love)

We thank all those who make this collaborative work possible, with their donations of talent, time, prayers, money, jobs and other forms of expression of love for God.



Located in the Tigre Delta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

A place consecrated to Immaculate Mother Mary,  Mother of all creation.

Stays, retreats, reading and prayer groups, meetings.  

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Different languages, one message of Love

Extending love to the world is an essential part of our mission

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Once we discover the truth of who we are, we experience an irrepressible impulse to share with others what we have seen and heard in the depths of our souls. From this driving force, meetings, retreats, presentations, and various activities are taking place in different corners of the world.  The work is available in Spanish, English, Hungarian, and German.  If you are interested in participating in the translation program, do not hesitate to contact us.

Holy encounters in Spain 2022