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The Way of Being
Toward union with Christ


"Just as a universal belief cannot be established, but it is possible and also desirable to create a universal experience of love, the same happens with healing paths. There are as many as there are beings. And I assure you that this is not hyperbole, but the pure truth. Here one, in particular, will be established, not to annul others or compare it with them. But to turn on a new light..." (Received by Sebastian Blaksley)

Invitation to "The Way of Being" by Sebastián Blaksley

Qué es el camino de ser

¿Qué es el Camino de Ser?

The Way of Being is an official program of the Amor Vivo Foundation aimed at spiritual accompaniment and integral healing through the illumination of consciousness. It is based on the message of our Divine Mother, in the voice of Christ, given to Sebastian Blaksley in April 2023.

The Way of Being has three modules or sections: silence, spiritual reading, and sharing from the heart (group and individually). They are carried out via ZOOM and in person.


Misión del camino de ser


An essential part of the mission of the "Movement of Beautiful Love" is to spread healing through the enlightenment of consciousness in Christ. For this reason, there are activities dedicated to this purpose:
Healing prayer on the first Saturday of the month
- The way of being

In the context of "The Way of Being," Christ is the shared identity that we all and everything are in God. In other words, our true Being. By living in harmony with it, we heal, we live in fullness.

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The Way of Being - El camino de ser



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Healing through the Christ in you - Sanando por medio del Cristo en ti

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On The Way of Being´s member page you can find the encounter´s calendar, access information, audio, videos, and much more. 

For more information:

Healing through art

News: 2024
Weekly professional sessions of Art Therapy every week.

Arte} Therapy and Counselor: Inés Blaksley



For one-on-one accompaniment in Spanish contact:


Lorraine Boggero(Argentina)   
    Instagram: @retornaralamor


The costs and time structure of the individual sessions are agreed with each companion. They are complementary to the general monthly payment.

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