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A Pencil in the Hands of Love

Sebastian Blaksley | President and founder

Bringing love to the world

Born in 1968, Sebastián Blaksley is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a member of a large traditional Catholic family. He attended "Colegio del Salvador", a school belonging to the religious order of the Jesuits. Although as a young man he wanted to be a monk, the inner voice he always obeyed told him that: “you must be in the world, without being of the world”. He studied Business Administration in Buenos Aires and completed his postgraduate studies in the United States and Argentina and other national and international institutions, followed by several positions of high responsibility in well-known global corporations. He lived and worked in the United States, England, China and Panama.

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He then founded his own business development consulting firm in Argentina, which he directed for more than 10 years. Sebastián has two daughters with his ex-wife. At the age of six, he was involved in a near-fatal accident during which he heard a voice, later identified as Jesus. He has continued to listen to that voice ever since. Sebastián says: “Since I can remember, I have felt the call of Jesus and Mary to live abandoned to their will; so that, despite my various activities, I have always put and put the spiritual and religious reality in the center. I am ardently devoted to my Catholic faith.

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In 2013, he had mystical experiences in which he was assigned the task of writing. Because of this, he receives, transcribes and shares what the voice of Christ dictates, the voice of love.

The revelations received found their home in the books and audios that he shares with the whole world. They were received in the following chronological order...

  • "My dialogue with Jesus and Mary: A return to love" (Feb 2013 to Oct 2016)

  • "Choose only love" (Sept. 2018-Feb. 2020) 

  • "Trilogy of the heart" (Mar 2020 - Sep 2021)

  • "The Age of the Heart" (Oct 2021 - Jul 2022) 


Angels lovingly refer to him as "a pencil in the hands of God" and "a pencil in the hands of Love".

Sebastián is co-founder of Fundación Amor vivo, through which he shares Un curso de amor in the Spanish speaking world, as well as the other revelations received.

We invite you to participe in our encounters at Choose Only Love foundation

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VIDEOS | interviews, dialogues and encounters with Sebastián Blaksley


Angels refer to Sebastian as "A pencil in the hands of God."


Stained glass  "Medal of the Union of the Three Hearts"


Oil painting "Union of the Three Hearts"


Angels refer to Sebastian as "A pencil in the hands of God."

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Stained glass  "Medal of the Union of the Three Hearts"

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