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The Movement of Beautiful Love

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Our Divine Mother wants to create an authentic open Community of brothers and sisters in Christ gathered around universal Love. He has called that global community "The Movement of Beautiful Love ."

This is a movement of consciousness that seeks to incarnate Christ in our humanity. In this way, the New will be manifested in union and relationship. For this reason, we have created this new communication tool. So that we can share experiences, or communicate with each other. Also, to help us unravel the deep meanings of the revelations received.

The rules of the group are detailed in the "Rules" section. It is important to read them and follow them.

Thank you all for joining this movement of universal consciousness, whose purpose is to live as the Christ that we truly are, and help our Divine Mother so that Her light shines in the world through us, not only individually, but also as a whole. collective way.

We are unity. We are the reunited of love. We are community.

Our divine Mother said that by actively participating in the spread of the messages received and in their incarnation in our personal lives, we help Her to co-create together the New Heaven and the New Earth. That is the reason why She invites and encourages us to share the messages, to invite others to join "The Movement of Beautiful Love", to bring love to the world, and to seek to unveil the meanings of the revelations that by Grace of Christ are given to us.

The world needs your light!

With love in Christ,

Sebastian Blaksley

PS: I thought it would be a nice idea to read Come. Be my Light" (Choose Only Love, Book II, Chapter 5)

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We are a global family gathered by the Universal Love of our...


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