Elige Solo el Amor

Recibido por Sebastián Blaksley.


En una serie de siete libros, la obra "Elige solo el amor" llega como una revelación para ayudarnos a hacernos más conscientes de la relación directa que tenemos con el amor que Dios es. Esta relación es universal, aunque no siempre somos conscientes de ello. Elige solo el amor se dirige a la sanación de la memoria, es decir, a la restauración en nuestra consciencia del conocimiento del amor de Dios, en el que alcanzamos la plenitud del ser. Es un compañero de viaje hacia el encuentro directo con nuestro verdadero ser; un viaje sin distancia que nos lleva al reconocimiento de un amor que no tiene principio ni fin: el amor divino que somos en verdad.

El alma sabe quién la creó y siempre vuelve al primer amor, y ese es Dios.

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Un Curso de Amor


Hay un modo de saber, de conocer, que te permitirá traspasar ese lugar al que te ha llevado todo aquello que has aprendido, y que te permitirá llegar a la verdad de quien eres. Quienes sienten el anhelo de acceder a la sabiduría del corazón encontrarán ayuda en esta obra. Un curso de amor conduce a la mente a entrar en comunión con el corazón. Facilita el despertar de la consciencia de la unidad, una consciencia que no puede ser aprendida, sino solo revelada a través de la unión y la relación.

En esta edición completa, El Curso establece la plenitud de corazón, es decir, la integración de mente y corazón. Los Tratados revelan el "arte del pensamiento", hacen avanzar al lector a través del ser personal hasta el Ser verdadero, y de ahí a la co-creación de un nuevo mundo. Los Diálogos ofrecen la experiencia transformadora de los Cuarenta días y cuarenta noches, así como una relación directa con el Dios que hay dentro de cada uno. Un curso de amor es un compañero íntimo en tu viaje de regreso a casa.


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“The first time I read Choose Only Love by Sebastián  Blaksley, I lapped it up like a hungry babe,  then the subsequent times I read it, I fell into a deeper understanding and resonance with it. This is because it is pure truth – pure love – and so deeply personal. The pages ooze heavenly love. It is literally like a live, living thing that I could not put down. The books transmit this most mystical energy. Taste it for yourself. That is certainly my experience of Choose Only Love (COL)”


— Mandi Solk


” Early into reading this book something astonishing happened- I felt like I was undergoing a spiritual transfusion; my eyes were bulging, my heart was jumping out of my chest and my soul jumped out of the closet! By the time I reached the half way mark of the book, it felt like my body had undergone a cellular reconstruction!

It’s like no other book I have ever read. In fact, I could say it “read” me. 

Believe me…it’s really like nothing else on Earth. In fact, these “love letters” without a shadow of doubt, could not have come from Earth but from elsewhere- a place of pure love, light and joy. Bravo Sebastian! And bravo to the angels!  Please many more of these “messages” for humanity’s sake.”

— Col B

“Wonderful zoom and Sebastian amazing. So humble I am reading the book at moment and it is so transforming!"

— Kiran N

“Reading what Sebastian has received we will discover that few other books touch us with such intimacy and an overwhelmingly reverent, worshipful feeling.”

— Celia H


“Wow, I’m not sure I’ve ever ‘experienced’ a book like this before. Its like a Dose of Divinity…!

I started it in a candle lit bath last night.. and I didn’t actually read for long.. I didn’t need too.. because it began to infuse me, and then I just lay in that energy…It’s more like breathing it than reading it…it feels like the words are merely vehicles of light…bypassing the mind and going straight to the heart…Carrying you blissfully into the loving arms of Oneness… I hope I’m making sense!? just had to share!

I am guided not to rush it but to ‘dose’ myself delicately and intuitively each night before I sleep…”Thanku Sebastian… THANK YOU Jesus, Mary and Angels! ”

— Iza


“Choose Only Love is unlike any other scripture I’ve ever read. The vibration of the message goes straight to my heart. It is rich and potent, and a single paragraph of the luscious melodies can serve as a springboard to a higher realm. Thank you Sebastian for all you are doing to serve the world.” 

— Elliot R

“These messages from Sebastian have opened up a completely new understanding of many “teachings” that confused me over my lifetime. The writings have brought relief from fear and helped me move to a state of “knowing” that continues to grow. I find the books very comforting especially at night listening to the beautifully narrated audio version. Many blessings to all!”

— Sharon B


— Amanda Johnson

I can honestly say that my life has undergone- which still continues- a major transformation as a result of reading Choose Only Love. The books all transmit an infinite vibration of Love and light that is truly palpable, and has inspired me to be a much kinder and loving person. Each and every page of the books seriously moved me in the direction of love. Also, I never felt that I had any relationship with Jesus and Mary but since immersing myself in these precious holy books now I feel enveloped in their love!

“The love expressed in Choose Only Love books expands the heart and is spiritual food for the soul. The books are not meant to be read like a novel. It is best to feel and experience the love in each chapter. The heavenly messages are timely, succinct and feel authoritative- and very believable. It brings Jesus, Mary, Father, Mother, Angels and Archangels all together, where one might have prayed to them separately in the past.”

— Judy J


“This is my response to listening to Sebastian’s book dialogues and just listening to him talk:

I feel deeply moved and uplifted, with a great longing from the heart to remember the love that I AM. To know this with every fibre of my being. Receiving love with all my heart and then shining this into the world.

Even as I write I am aware of this frequency embodying my being. It is comforting and glorious  and deeply inspiring all at once. So hard to find the words! Please tell Sebastian that I am so happy and grateful for this powerful reminder.”

— Karen Rudloff

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