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Elevation of Self, received by Sebastian Blaksley

I. Love of Intimacy

My son and daughter,

Can you appreciate how I move the events of your life so we are together in solitude and intimacy? Your time with me is sacred, as sacred is your being. Our relationship of intimate divine love is a gift from Heaven that must be cared for with joy and tenderness. When you feel that you cannot reach me, I myself move the strings of your life and consciousness, so you can continue to experience the joy of being aware of the palpitation of our hearts united in the holiness of truth. Do not worry about anything. Not even for matters concerning your spiritual life. Those voices that seem to constantly ask if you are doing the right thing or not, in our walk together as the love of Heaven on Earth, are simply soundless voices that come from the mind's habit of wondering about everything.

In this dialogue of love and truth, I ask you to put aside all questions, all plans, all beliefs about what you think you believe. Empty your mind and heart of the known and the unknown. Leave it empty in the nothingness of the personal self so the whole of the Christ Self that you truly are, may be revealed to you with greater clarity, luminosity, and depth of knowledge.

I have come to dwell with you because you are the light of my eyes and the delight of my divine heart. I remind you my love not only lives in the kingdom of form but is always looking for open hearts that welcome my divine reality. Hearts thirsty to live in the holy unity of the living Christ. Those hearts are abodes of truth on Earth. Being glass houses where the light of life shines in all its glory, spreading to everything created.

Hearts that seek God! Sisters and brothers who vibrate in the sweetness of a love that is not of the world, even if it is manifested in it! These words are addressed to you, as is every word that comes out of my mouth. You are the holy sons and daughters of God who, living in the world, carry in your souls an "I don't know what it is" energy that no one can fully understand or see. But which I fully know in the complete purity of what it is: your love of God, and being in God. Pure love, holy love, perfect love. Born of the Creator of beautiful love and extended, in and from you, towards everything that emanates from God. A love without borders, that does not settle for fleeting trifles that are here today and not tomorrow. Love that only joins the eternal because eternal is its reality.

I speak to you who have chosen only love:living a life like that of all men and women on Earth, you carry an indelible seal in your hearts. An invisible mark to the eyes of the body, which is nevertheless seen from Heaven by all those who from the holy abode, joyfully sing the monumental hymn of gratitude to God the Father and Creator in union with your being. It is the seal of holy love that has been engraved on your pure hearts. The mark of the lovers and loved ones of Christ of all time. Understand this little children of my heart.

You are the ones who are in the world without being of it. In other words, those of you who have overcome and risen to eternal life. Truly, truly, I tell you that you have done it with me, and by your will to remain in the unity of the truth. You are a joy for Mary and joy for the heart of Jesus. I thank you for that. And for all that you really are.

Do not believe your displays of love—which can take on innumerable forms of expression, including moving towards living in the truth that is always true—are something minor for me. Every act of pure love is complete by reason of the holiness from which it proceeds. You cannot love if you are not united to me. This is not a matter of preference or specialism. It is a matter of reality. I am the source of beautiful love. I am love made word. I am speaking to you through these writings. And from all writing that has been given to the world through this friendly hand, a scribe from Heaven, who with his tireless dedication and total trust, becomes a docile instrument in my hands, just as every pencil in the hands of God must be.

Let yourself be molded by my love. Abide in me all the days of your lives. Do not worry if sometimes you feel that you are closer to me than at other times. None of that is essential. The yes that you have given —both to me and to your Immaculate Mother in Heaven—is eternal. Nothing and no one can take it from you. You have come into the world to choose only love and that you have done. And once the only choice every human soul is called to make has been made, there is no existing or imaginable force that can change it. There is the fundamental option. And that's what it is; a deliberate choice to live eternally in the unity of God's love. An infinite love that has no beginning or end. Love is the foundation of being, of soul, and of life.

II. Joy in the Process

My children, remember that sometimes the body and the mind seem to act contrary to the union of your soul with Christ. This is because they require a certain accommodation, so to speak so that the vital force of your Christ being can be harmoniously integrated into them. In a way, it could be said that they need time to process the celestial reality you have fully accessed because of your holy choice. Every time you feel this happening, keep in mind that it is a sign that your consciousness is expanding. That is, leaving one threshold to pass to another whose degree of knowledge of God is greater.

Each step of consciousness in the ascent of the human spirit entails a glorious growth of all its reality is, both at the level of form and what is beyond it. I assure you there is not a single aspect of your lives—and this also includes your loved ones, your activities, bodies, minds, and hearts, among others—that is not flooded with the light of Christ with each step of elevation of consciousness you reach. In effect, all creation benefits from it.

Spiritual growth is a grace. A gift given to all humankind. It is available to everyone at any time and place, as every treasure in Heaven is. No one is excluded from the love of God. If it is well understood, this is the most blessed gift that God has created in eternity for the lives of men and women in time. Love has created and given the human soul the ability to elevate consciousness as the perfect means for you to meet the truth and remain in it forever. Never stop on your flight. Rise higher every day. Know that Heaven has no limits. You can always grow more in love.

I invite you to reflect serenely and with joy about what is revealed to you in this dialogue. Growing spiritually is a blessing. Why? Because it allows you to join the divine reality, that is, perfect love. And in this way, you can participate in eternal life. Not as impartial observers detached from what you contemplate, or as if divine reality is something alien to you that you can simply admire. No. It is given to you so that you can actively participate in and with it. And not only that but so you may be eternal life, just as God is. In other words, spiritual growth returns you to the Creator’s house, where your true self dwells forever in the fullness of truth.

Well-beloved children. Maturing spiritually does not require any effort. Nor was that ever intended. Believing that the development of human consciousness, or elevation of the soul, is something that has to be done with sacrifices is one of the ideas furthest from the truth. God does not want sacrifices. God just desires for you the endless bliss that comes from living eternally in the joy of perfect love. That is, of eternal life. Nothing more or nothing less. For this, God has gifted the world of form the many various ways of returning to the consciousness of union with Christ, and remaining in it. Every human being grows because of what they are. You cannot avoid this. Nor is it necessary to try do so.

In your hearts, there is the yearning for elevation. Sometimes you call it the urge to improve. This can be observed even in the material dimension of the world, that aspect of mundane reality that seeks to emulate the truth. That there is this irrepressible force in human life eloquently demonstrates there is an irrepressible impulse within you towards the assumption of your existence. It is the soul's desire to live in God. In other words, it is the deep longing of the heart to remain embraced by love and of the mind to dwell in the house of truth.

The driving force of the human spirit towards ascension to the Heavens, that is to say towards the infinite, is what the exemplary life of Mary Immaculate wanted to reveal. And was demonstrated by her way of life on Earth. As was mine. We both ascended to bring to everyone's consciousness this reality of the human soul you are reminded of here. The call to rise to the reality of the Christ you truly are. An elevation that is beyond any devised human plan, or any force separate from humankind.

The elevation of consciousness towards the consciousness of perfect love, that is to say of Christ, is something that only God accomplishes in souls. No effort is needed. Just as you have not made any effort to deserve life, since it has been given to you freely. Also freely and out of pure unconditional love, the Father of all creation gives you the ability to elevate your existence to the infinite heights of Himself. Does this sound familiar? . Have I not told you over and over again love is life in abundance?

God does not deal in trifles, although S-He can integrate them to love. God does not want an insignificant life for you. Or one of vain honors. No, he wants for you what He has always given you, the divine eternity of his reality,—in all its extension, honor, and glory—fully shared with you in Him. So that your existence and his are one, without divisions, without fissures and without anything that can separate. And because this his will, it is your reality. Truly, I tell you the will of God is perfectly carried out.

You who have chosen only love. You will reach a degree of consciousness that will allow you to know the fullness of love in all its light, magnificence, and greatness. I invite you to live in peace. And to be docile, sweet, and patient so your bodies and thinking minds are integrated step by step, to the truth of who you are, which you have already accepted as your only reality in Christ.

Your entire existence is being transformed into love. If at times your humanity seems to experience resistance or difficulty in being absorbed by the light of Christ consciousness, don't worry. Rest in the arms of love. Trust in the ability of your soul to ascend to Heaven. Do not think about whether you are advancing or not. Or how that spiritual journey should unfold. Just stay in the presence of love. It is God who is guiding you. It is the spirit of love that lifts you up. It is the truth who will welcome you to the Father's house, into which you will enter triumphantly holding my hand and the hand of your Heavenly Mother, to enjoy eternity together in the company of your holiness.

Rest in peace and don't worry about anything. Everything is in the hands of love.

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