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Awareness of the Resurrection

I. Beyond All Choice

Resurrection is an attainable state of consciousness; so is fear or guilt. This is not exactly the same as saying that love is an attainable state of consciousness. I will explain.

Asking you to choose only love, and to make that choice consciously, was the first thing I needed to do to disengage the idea of powerlessness from your system of beliefs and experiences.

Once you were prepared to claim your right and ability to choose and to put this power at the service of revealing the truth of what you are, a change of consciousness took place whose magnitude and greatness you cannot imagine. Quite literally speaking, you abandoned the ego forever, and allowed the Christ to shine as the being you have always been and forever will be in truth. You abandoned ignorance and embraced wisdom. You left fear behind. You threw yourself into the arms of love, from where you will never leave.

Perhaps a part of your mind doubts the veracity of that statement. If so, listen further to what I tell you out of love.

You have believed—and with it you headed in the direction of the truth—that there was a kind of soul choice. As a result, it fabricated a pseudo-reality alien to God's plan, thus opening the door for countless forms of fear to manifest. All arose out of a desire to experience—and even to create—the opposite of love. From this was born the painful experience of the world and all its nuances.

The soul’s experience of separation was so overwhelming, so traumatic, that it drowned. Its mind focused on guilt. This is not surprising, for you have already observed the tendency of the separated mind to “sink its teeth,” so to speak, in what it believes to be a problem or conflict. It does this because it believes that this is how it can understand and thus master the apparent problem. Because it has been using control as an eloquent mechanism for dealing with fear since time immemorial, it also sought to control the effects of the experience of separation. And it has done so, understanding things in its own way of conceiving reality.

Using the mind to become "drunk" or "embedded" in the effects of fear-consciousness has, until now, been the path of humanity—not just by you and your sisters and brothers, but throughout creation. Until recently the state of universal consciousness did not allow for much more than that. You were not ready to go beyond fear into the resurrection or re-creation of life. You chose love, it is true, and with that you brought Heaven to Earth. But the thinking mind needs more than to rest in peace, because knowledge must be integrated into your humanity. This work comes to you precisely to accomplish that.

II. Live as the Risen

The purpose of this work is to integrate into your humanity the total reality of the fundamental option for love that you made, the manifestation in form of your full acceptance of the resurrection in your life and in all of creation.

Allow me now, daughter and son of eternal wisdom, to use practical language to quench the cravings of the thinking mind—but first reminding you once again how much I love you and how beautiful you are in the eyes of God and angels. Oh, holy souls who have made the option for love! If you knew the beauty of your being and the greatness of what you truly are, you would sing joyfully every day of your life. You would sing melodious songs of praise and gratitude to the love of loves for having called you into existence.

When the idea of separation joined with the soul's will for it to come true, a fully fearful consciousness or ego manifested, thereby distorting divine reality in the mind and heart. That created a particular state of experience, though not consciousness, about which much has already been said. Therefore, I will not expand upon it here.

I will now go beyond knowledge to the experience of the effects of separation and its consequences to the soul. At the moment of separation, or the denial of being, in addition to having manifested guilt—the state of consciousness of the opposite of love—also manifested the recreation of the universe and with it the phenomenological world of beginnings and endings, births and deaths, and pain. Everything occurred simultaneously. Since this knowledge or memory of the truth has now awakened in you, you are ready for it to unfold the continuum that allows you to understand the story of creation in a simple way.

When God said "let it be done," his perfect creation was born, including paradise as a most holy gift for the soul. Simultaneously ensued the soul's search to separate from God, to know itself through the path of opposites or duality. In union, it manifested the incarnation of Christ in a dual reality. In union also the resurrection manifested, which is the recreation of the experience of the soul and of all things in a new perfect creation, arising from the unity of divine love and human will reunited in Christ.

III. The Resurrection Garden

The effect of the resurrection is the existence of a new Heaven and a new Earth in which everything shines in truth as it was always conceived in God's plan—and as it is imprinted on your heart, since you long to live in union with your Source, enjoy endless bliss forever, and rest eternally in the arms of love. This deep desire of your heart is an echo of the undivided will of God and your being to remain always and consciously in the Kingdom of Heaven, which was created the very moment of your creation by perfect love.

Can you begin to see the connections revealed here? You spent years, centuries, or millennia focused on understanding a reality that arose as an effect of guilt. That is part of the pattern of the past. Like everything that happens in creation, it was necessary, since God does nothing in vain. Even so, what worked in the past does not necessarily work in the present or the future.

We are not living in the age of reason, but in the Age of the Heart. Therefore, the truth will be revealed to each soul in a way it can understand. It will not be intellectual or achieved through study, but will be consistent with the new Earthly Kingdom. Its light will shed on each being in a natural way and without effort, a living expression of being, like a ray of sunshine from the sun.

Leaving behind the habit of focusing your attention on the part, and beginning to invest in consciousness by paying attention to the whole, is what will take you beyond union with the Christ in you towards the divine I Am, and from there to the nameless in whose infinite vastness you dwell forever, pure, holy, and perfect.

What is being said to you here, bride of Christ, is that just as guilt is a state of consciousness, so is resurrection. That new state of consciousness is what the new Heaven and new Earth are about. It is a reality in which you are uniquely and fully aware of the whole. In it you honor and remember the light of wisdom for what it is: your Source of knowing and being. Likewise, the sanctity of everything is accepted as the only truth about God's creation. It is also recognized that truth could be denied, which would create a temporary, insubstantial, unreal experience which causes the soul to suffer in the nightmare of guilt.

Once you accept the fact that there are different states that you can arrive at, among which ignorance is one and wisdom another, all that remains is for you to choose consciously. Once you accept that, you can exercise the right to choose, and your choice can be put at the service of the truth. This is because only in that state of awareness, and not before, do you know the options from which to choose. And you know them with your heart, that is, with consciousness.

Beloved of the true divine creation, you have traveled the paths of guilt and love. You teetered between them for a while until you decided on love. You are now ready to take one more step toward full and irrevocable acceptance of the resurrection. And you will. You are not alone; as always, we will do it together.

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