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Delights of unity

I. We are one being

Beloved of my heart. Once again I come to dwell with you and to illuminate the world through our direct relationship. We are love. We are relationship. We are unity. My voice can be heard by all hearts. All were created with the ability to hear the voice of the living Christ that lives in every being. I am the source of life. I am what makes the body do what it is called to do, what makes the mind truly think, and what makes the heart beat to the beat of who you are. I am the origin of everything created. Including you, with every aspect of your humanity.

You are a unit. Each aspect of your being is linked together, not as parts that fit together in a certain way and then can be dislodged to recreate something else. You are not a puzzle, or like one of those Lego games in which you put bits after bits to create something. You are one, as is the wind or the light. Everything in creation is unity, not only with what is created but in itself. God is unity and creates beings in unity.

If you are an undivided whole, there can be no parts that can be separated. All aspects of who you are are aspects or powers of love. The will exists because it is the ability to be free so that you can be the love that you truly are, and in that way create more love. The mind, so that the love that you are creates a new holy love, and the being can enjoy it. The heart, so that you can extend love through your feelings and rejoice to receive it in the holiness of its abode. Understanding is that aspect of your being that makes you know the truth of what you are, so that you can be aware of the love that you really are. The same applies to everything else, including your physical body; which exists to bear witness to the truth, as all that you are.

Giving and receiving love is your only will, because that is God's will. Consciously staying in love is what your will disposes because you are love, and being only disposes to be who it truly is. Loving and being loved is the purpose of your reality, because there is nothing other than this in the divine creation, of which you are an inseparable aspect. Letting yourself be loved, so that the flow of divine love can move freely from its source towards you, it is your will because love is life; and you want to live, as you want to be. Love, life, be. They are all the same.

In these dialogues you will find the key to remain in the concert of the soul, the harmony of being. When the powers of the soul are confused, harmony is lost. That happens when somehow, somewhere in your soul, it has been decided not to remain united to the truth of who you are. This is done in a thousand different ways. And it can be done for a second of time, an hour, a year, or centuries. It all depends on what you value. If you value living in the truth, the harmony of being will be your only experience even on earth, since that value is the effect of the will to live in it. If you value things that are not related to the magnificence of your being, that is to say, the kingdom of heaven that you really are, then you will create an experience that will be related to it.

Now let's get back to the relationship. If you look closely at what is being said, you will understand that there is a direct relationship between what is happening in your soul and the experience you create. This has already been discussed. Therefore we will not expand. However, it is brought here so that we can connect the dots. The will to live in the truth is the essence of holiness. This is because by accepting it you recognize what you are, not according to the ideas created by the world, others, or your own mental speculations, but according to God has arranged it from all eternity. Living in the truth is accepting that things are as God has intended them to be and therefore are holy, perfect, pure. And not how one thinks they should be or are, in a thinking separate from the wisdom of love.

II. In the Heart of God

If love is the source of all truth, and therefore of all creation, there is no other cause for the powers of the soul to fulfill their purpose other than it. Without love you couldn't even think. Nor live. Neither walking nor talking. You couldn't do anything, because you simply wouldn't exist. It is the willingness that you and everything exist, born of the will of love, that makes life go on forever. Years, centuries and ages can pass. Also the reigns and systems of government. The ideas that were so admired yesterday can no longer be taken into account. Stars and planets can pass. But the will of love to continue extending life will never pass.

Love and its will to extend eternally are a unity. There is no one without the other. In such a way that living in harmony with the will of your being is nothing more than remaining united to the inner Christ, in whom your reality resides, and the source of beautiful knowledge, which is an essential part of you. You were created to be the Christ that only you can be. That is, to give love a unique face. In other words, so that you will be eternally the God-Human that love has ordained you to be. As human and as divine as I am, who am the source of what you are.

There are no differences between what one of my sons and daughters is and what the others are. Indeed, neither between what is one creature and another. They all have the same ability to remain united to the love that they are. And to live in the truth. From a beautiful little sheep, to a snowflake, the petal of a flower, the song of a sparrow, and everything that exists, is clothed with the beauty and sanctity of love. As well as every fiber of your being. You all have the same capacity to heal, to live in holiness and to express yourselves in harmony with who you really are.

Everything that exists is called to be what it is. There was never the will to make you move trying to be what you are not, nor do you want to be. Doing something like this is like pretending to swim in the air or volley into the ocean. Truly, truly, I tell you that those who seek to impose their will on others, be they sisters or brothers, systems or even beings of the animal or plant kingdom, are not acting in union with who they really are. They do it because they have not yet accepted the truth about themselves, and consequently about life.

No one can impose his will on anyone, because the will of each being resides in the heart of God. In him it remains unchanged. Always safe. Unattainable by anyone other than himself and his creature. Nobody is allowed to desecrate that sacred temple where the divine being guards the will of each of his creations. There, in the heart of God you are the love that has created you. You remain eternally one with the source of life.

My son, what you are cannot be altered. Nothing and no one can touch it, nor can it defile. What you are resides in your will. And this, in turn, dwells in the center of God's heart. There, in the depths of the heart of love, your being and its source rejoice eternally in the embrace of light. They are an inseparable unit. Husband and wife made one holy being. Every delight in heaven resides there. All delight of the soul is vividly experienced in that sacred space whose reality is beyond all symbols. That is where you remain fused with my divine being. Where perfect love lives united to what you are. And where what is one, constantly explodes into countless particles of created love, while remaining in unity. The whole multiplies without ceasing to be one. Love spreads. Your reality expands.

There, in your will to be what you really are, dwells the sweetness of the love that you are. In your will to love and be loved, to live in truth, to remain in unity, heaven resides in its entirety. Will, be, love. They are all the same, for they are aspects of unity. Love is beyond all words, what you are too. The same is true of your will. Therefore, I ask you, my beloved, and everyone who receives these words, to abandon yourselves more and more to Me. That you put aside your interpretations about what you think you are, and what your will has. Simply remain united to Me, who am the source of all love. Trust unlimitedly in love. And don't worry about the rest. Your being knows. Your will too. They dwell forever in the heart of God, the source of his knowing and working.

I bless you in the holiness of your being.

Thank you for listening to my voice and following it.

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