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Plenitude of Life

I. Full of Grace

Beloved of Christ, being of my divine being, here we are, reunited in the eternal truth of love, radiant in the embrace of a light that is never extinguished. We are united. Today I come as your Divine Mother to dwell with you who are the light of the world, united with all souls for whom this work is illuminating, remembering, and revealing in spirit and holiness.

Observe, blessed soul, how when speaking of the resurrection, we are also speaking of healing. Although the purpose of these writings is not to create a new trend or path to achieve what you call health, nevertheless we cannot ignore such an important aspect of present humanity.

Healing, in the context of this revelation, means returning to the state of grace. That is possible. And because it is possible, we give these words which, along with many others, constitute a sign towards perfect healing for those who join it as part of the divine design.

Because you already live consciously in the truth, you know that all healing comes from the Christ in you. The Source of healing and sustaining wholeness resides in you. Even a soul deviating from the light, or a mind far from truth, or a heart dissociated from love, cannot prevent this from being so, since it is part of who you are.

Every living being was created for life, by life, and in life. To live eternally is its destiny, reality, and divine impulse. Life is the vital spark that never diminishes and that gives existence to being, sustaining it forever. Naturally, this is not something that can be readily accepted by a mind so accustomed to suffering that it cannot see its way out, or that envisions it far off in time, or that it can only be achieved intermittently.

Minimizing suffering seems to be the highest aspiration of many, and a world in which pain seems never to be completely absent. Even so, here we are, you and I, remembering the beauty of the present and eternal resurrection—a memory that will bring a new vital experience of the second coming of Christ, or, if you prefer, the final coming from Heaven to Earth. Is Christ not Heaven?

Truly I tell you, my beloved, that there is no change more radical or more united to truth than to stop living life as you have been, and to start living in the key of your eternal and blessed resurrection. I assure you that the mind immersed in divine reality heals completely, along with the heart. This occurs because both the human mind and heart, and consequently the body and the experiences of time, are constantly being embraced and impacted by what we could call “the fundamental energy.” I will discuss this further.

II. In the Beauty of Truth

Resurrection is what you really are. In other words, you are love and created in the image and likeness of perfect truth. It is what you call “God,” in a natural attempt to put into words the infinite beauty of the Source of creative and life-giving holiness, a reality beyond anything that can be expressed in language but closer than your own breath.

These words come from Her. They are Her expression in you. They have nested in your humanity due to your loving acceptance, waiting for the necessary moment when they could begin to take flight and expand to the whole universe.

Feel now the beauty of Heaven. Immerse yourself in the memory of resurrection. Visualize it as a white light from which radiates the colorful spectrum of a beautiful rainbow. Contemplate how it shines in the center of your heart. Be silent, watch, and wait without hurry or agitation. Enjoy Her divine presence. Be a living witness to how it expands sweetly throughout your humanness. Stay and become one with that vision.

Keep watching, my son, my daughter, as the light of resurrection expands from you to everything surrounding you, for it constitutes the essence of what you are, a luminescent ray of love. Joyfully see it embrace all time, space, matter, and far beyond. It is your own light you are seeing, the light of your resurrection: beautiful, radiant, powerful, full of life and holiness—the light of your being.

Beloved of my heart, truly, truly I tell you that in this vision, regardless of how active or capable you might consider your imagination to be, you are witnessing the light from Heaven become one with all creation, from your resurrection to eternal life.

You may wonder: Why access the vision of the light of eternal life as suggested here? What is the point? The answer, beloved soul, is that what you are doing here is becoming aware of your return to true life, the life that has no end and that manifests itself in perfect harmony with love, wisdom, and holiness, not as an intellectual exercise or a new belief, but as your portal of access to a memory in you so ancestral that until today it has been forgotten.

III. Immersed in Love

Beloved extension of love, soul full of wisdom, I assure you that you can access the memory of your resurrection at any time. You need just to invoke it through silence coupled with a loving disposition. It is accessible when at least for a moment you put aside all your interpretations of life, and who you are, and what your brothers and sisters, the world, and God are all about.

Releasing attachment to beliefs that you consider yours but are not—since nothing not the perfect truth can belong to you—will by itself bring the dawn of the memory of your resurrection. Simply remember that no belief can be the truth, since in God there is only love, and that all perfect knowledge belongs to Him by reason of what He is.

Whenever you create a gap between what you think and your belief in it, and you treat yourself to the beauty of silence, then the reality of your resurrection stands out radiantly before you. It becomes present like a beautiful sunrise which rises sovereign over a peaceful horizon.

When you do what is suggested here, you meet the fundamental energy of being. Consequently you heal and sustain yourself in the fullness of love. That energy, which we call "fundamental," is what the mind, heart, and therefore the physical body receives. From this "influence" is Earthly life experienced, each in your particular way.

We have used the expression "fundamental energy of being" to distinguish it from one that is not—that which we will call the fundamental energy of fear. Both are available to the soul and constantly affect it. We will clarify this further.

The primary Source of all life is God. From it arises the eternal spirit, which is your being. From Him divine love extends to your human soul, mind, and heart. Nevertheless, between the spirit and the soul is what we could call the space of free will, where the energy that you allow to flow towards your humanity is determined—not about what you are eternally, but about the human experience. Totally fearful fundamental energy is a thought stream that distorts or “blocks” the flow of spirit.

By using the word “fundamental,” we do not mean to imply that it is the vital energy that emanates from God and constitutes the only truth of who you are. We use it so you understand that there is a flow that extends from your pure consciousness towards your humanity, and does so through free will.

Simply stated, spirit infuses life according to your free will, through which you allow it to spread freely as it is or mix with that which is unlike its original state. By doing the latter, you prevent the free movement of divine love from your spirit to your human dimension, and in return you send it the influences of fear, that is, of guilt.

A soul, mind, and heart that constantly receive the stimuli of the fundamental energy of fear do not operate as they would if they received that of being, which is in perfect harmony with divine reality.

The resurrection is the great transformer of this mechanism. The resurrection eliminates forever the discordant thought we call the "fundamental energy of fear"—fundamental not in the sense of what you are, but of your human experience.

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This brought me to tears. So beautiful and loving. 💚

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